Being a college student comes with facing a lot of adversity. Learning how to maintain and budget the way your money is spent in college is very important. Of course, studying and getting good grades are a priority, but the main thing that keeps us alive is FOOD! Just like money, food comes and goes....down our stomach. 

Every college student can relate to having those late nights when we’re hungry and in desperate need of something to eat. There’s nothing worse than an empty stomach on a Tuesday night and having nothing to eat because the cafe just closed.  I know It hurts and no one wants to feel like that. The bottom line is that even though we’re in school, we need to eat too! This is why college students should take advantage of food stamps. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a government program that helps college students that are eligible to receive a monthly supply of food stamps. The amount awarded depends on the personal information that is provided. Two of the requirements are that the student must be presently enrolled in an institution and work at least 20 hours per week with the proper documents for proof. 

Sophomore social work major Ashley Johnson feels that “Full time students who don’t live on campus should be able to receive food stamps regardless of if they have a job or not. Some people don’t have meal plans and should be given something else as a substitute. It should be food stamps”.  

This is an interesting position because some students aren’t capable of working a job and focusing on school at the same time. 

Food stamps can really help students with getting groceries and help our chance of survival in college a little better. Food is essential for brain flow and body activity that gives students the ability to go out and perform well in our classes. 

Junior agriculture major, Christopher Amos, says that “In college we need food. I think food stamps is perfect for college students and it helps us rack up on food for the month.” 

Unless you’ve been in school before, you wouldn’t know about how college can actually be a struggle sometimes, especially when it comes to food. As a fellow college student, I’m always looking for different ways to get food for free and I feel like this is another program out there that we should at least try and take advantage of, at least for our stomach’s sake. If you’re a college student and you feel that you may qualify, you should go ahead and apply for free. We no longer need to struggle to survive, for food stamps have arrived.


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