Being a student here at good ol’ Southern University, I am 99.99 percent sure that you have had a run in with that unnecessarily rude professor. Or that faculty member in another department that gives you an attitude and all you did was be polite and speak (cough financial aid cough). Or even better, those faculty members that feel like they can talk to you and treat you any kind of way just because they have been here since Moses parted the Red Sea or for any other reason why. Sound familiar? I am sure it does.

So I just have a question that needs to be answered: why do you all work here, at a college, where you have to deal with and essentially serve other people? More specifically, students? 

I am being so serious and genuinely asking. What makes you sit down and take the time to fill out this application for your current job position, knowing it is at a college just for you to be rude to the people who obviously have to come to you to be assisted? And what makes you think that you can be openly rude and talk to people any kind of way? Get back to me on that one.

The last time I checked, the reason that you are here is for the students and to serve the students. Your job is to educate us and aid us and point us in the right direction when we need help. Not project your miserable spirit or whatever else you got going on onto us. 

You do realize the students are essentially the backbone of the university, right? Our money kind of funds your lifestyle and your cute little bonuses and your cars right?

Nobody held you hostage and told you to apply for a higher position at Southern University. Just like nobody held me hostage and told me to apply to college and become an adult. It was definitely a scam, but hey we are here at this point. 

Of course, anything can be going on in people’s lives and we will never know. But that is not justification for you to come to work and spew it out at students who did nothing to you. Because trust me, your problems are above me and you just need to give them to God or deal with them however you please, I am not your problems. College students go through so much mentally and emotionally, even physically, and are expected to suck it up and still conduct ourselves and respect you but you don’t have to do the same? Nah


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