It’s Monday morning. You wake up and it hits you: homecoming is over. You cry a little bit on the inside, (or maybe a lot, I don’t know, do you) as you get ready, realizing that you have to come back to reality and send your alter ego off back to their respective school. You finally reach campus, mentally preparing yourself for whatever mess Southern might be on. As you’re walking on campus, you’re greeted with the lovely sight of all the trash from homecoming. 

In reality, the amount of trash that you saw on the ground coming straight out of the football game was actually worse. Of course, it’s a tailgate, everybody was lit, some even almost forgot about the game, everyone was having fun, which is the whole point. Of course you are probably not going to be thinking about finding a trash can while you’re trying to drive the boat. That’s understandable and hopefully nobody crashed it.

But it is after the tailgate. It is after all the shenanigans. It is after you’ve realized that you might have actually crashed the boat. It is after your soul comes back into your body and you regain all of your common sense. 

The conversations of trash and cleaning up behind yourselves is so redundant. And technically this isn’t a conversation that needs to be had, since studies have shown mostly everyone has working hands, fingers and feet. So why not use our hands and fingers to pick up trash, and then use our lovely lamberfeeties to walk to a trash can or dumpster. Not to mention we just got some brand new trash cans thanks to our good SGA President, Donald Dunbar, and we appreciate that. But, y’all be so quick to have a campus clean up for everything else but not one for after homecoming. Unless there was one, then please prove me wrong. Correctly though. 

And if there was a campus clean up, why not make it more publicized? Why not make it something that can be fun so students can maybe halfway not see it as just picking up trash, but having that same school spirit to take care of our campus? 

We know, it was homecoming and no one was worried about the trash at that moment, and that’s fine. Homecoming is a time where you can briefly forget about your problems, escape your hopefully not miserable life and make memories. But this is still supposed to be our home right? Why not take care of our home afterwards? If you had a house party, and it was trashed, what are you going to do after you get yourself together? Clean up, right? Because who really wants to leave their house dirty after a party? And if you do - never mind, I am not even going to hold you. 

I’m not asking for us to pick up every single piece of trash in the world, which would be cool, but that is also a reach. I just ask to not look at a dumpster for a campus and people to continue to pick up after themselves. That is it and that is all.


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