Once upon a time, there was earth, a beautiful and diverse place that was peaceful and undamaged, all was well until humans showed up!

We have been living and harvesting the attributes of this planet for decades and now that it’s dying, what are we going to do?

The answer that comes to mind when anyone think about that question is “Space.” Why not? Let’s go destroy another planet or even better, the whole universe.

We are always talking about everything we are doing to save the Earth, but those very things are destroying it and we would not even be at this point if humans did not carelessly live on this planet for so long without thinking about how they may impact it.

We are left with 18 months to make decisions that are critical for the survival of the planet and suddenly some of us are environmental experts, some are pointing fingers, and the remaining 99.9% do not even know what is going on. The global temperature is rising, and I can feel it; in fact, anyone who has been outside in the past week felt it. Tyresha Simms a sophomore Mechanical engineering major from Baton Rouge, LA adds, “In the state of Louisiana, in the last 3 months we’ve been going through heat waves.”

Andrea Parker a sophomore, nursing major from Bossier City, LA comments, “Well to put it simply, I feel like we are killing our environment. The earth is warming at an alarming rate, we’ve lost 20% of the Amazon rainforest, more and more animals

are on the verge of extinction, yet most people don’t really care. It’s quite sad honestly.”

Once upon a time there was Earth, but then came garbage, excessive emission of CO2 and basically anything else that exists because we humans saw a perfectly fine place and decided to make it “better.” But the question here is, better for who? Because presently, “Ninety-two percent of the world population lives in areas with polluted air” (green living).

There is plenty of blame to go around, but credit must be given where it’s due. We have made a lot of efforts to protect the environment. It’s true, we just put “biodegradable” on everything and call it a day. Or even better we can just say “in the future the air will be clean,” or “in the future we will live in space,” but we said similar things two dozen years ago and the back then “in the future” is the present, and still no flying cars.

Have you ever asked yourself what could we would have done differently if we could go back in time? I do, and the answer that I always end up with is that we would not change anything because that’s what any time traveling movie ever made has taught us.

It is possible that by trying to make earth a livable place for humans it turned out to cause the exact opposite. We are running out of exhaustible Natural resources and if global warming does not get us first, the inability to replace, oil, natural gases and some key minerals, certainly will.

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