Is your vision board not as inspirational as it once was? The smiling graduate complete with cap and gown, luxury vehicle and dream home rounded out with motivational phrases just don’t give us the same jolt now that it’s time to bring the vision to life.

Most students know exactly what career they want to pursue when they get to Southern’s illustrious campus. Then, other options present themselves, they become disillusioned or discover their true passion. That leaves the rest of us. The “what the world do I do after I cross the stage” gang.

Here are some of the options not readily presented to HBCU grads that I think are great options for a gap year or even a career.

The Peace Corps. You will be afforded a stipend to support your daily life in the country in which you volunteer. Though you are considered a volunteer, not only will you receive a living allowance, you’ll get over 10,000 upon your return home to use how you desire.

Career China and similar programs. Some education majors aren’t able to pass the Praxis and are routed directly to poplar and high competitive programs such as Teach for America. Teaching abroad has a host of benefits that teaching stateside lacks. International students are more eager and driven to learn. This can makes teach easier, little need for redirection or discipline. Motivated students also make educating fun and rewarding.

Work abroad. General jobs in many fields are available across the globe. In an international economy, it’s all up for grabs. Job postings in the United States attract responses spanning the globe. Enter the world’s economy and search for popular relocation friendly jobs such as sales, marketing and copy writing. Other options are fun, seasonal gigs like snowboarding instructor or wine maker.

Gap year. A gap year is one year taken off between educational pursuits. If you’re considering law or medical school or some other graduate level degree a gap year could be just what your restless soul needs. There are many study abroad programs designed for the gap year, you can take a couple classes, live on the host campus and explore places like Nepal, India or Bolivia. Or, consider stateside options heavily available in the New England area. Opportunities range from nature specialist to ship crewman.

Natural and holistic practices. The tide towards homeopathic treatments is growing size and momentum. If this trend continues natural spins on common business will explode. Hair salons that only use organic products free from chemicals, massage, acupuncture centers are good areas to cogitate upon.

Don’t become a slave to the American Dream. Think outside of the box, flip it over, stand on it and make it your soap box. There is an entire world open to you.

Expand the ideas you had to achieve those motivators on your vision board. Besides earning money and obtaining a degree what was your goal when you came to the Yard?

You don’t have to enter the rat race when you graduate. All of the same opportunities may not be presented to us; but they are available to each of us. Take some time to explore your options. After all, that’s why you obtain a liberal arts degree.

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