Who runs the world? Girls! 2020 is a fantastic time to be a woman. Women are being hailed for their strength and smarts. Times have changed, and we’re practically capable of doing everything men do. The female race has made so much progress that we’re ready for anything! This is a gratifying change, as we are often overlooked and unappreciated for many of our great qualities. James Brown once said, “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or girl.” I completely agree with him. The power that we have to reproduce and bring humans into this world is so amazing, and is the one thing that a man cannot do. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts that women can provide to the world.

In order to better honor the underappreciated women around the world, we have a whole month devoted to feminine impact. Women’s History Month has been celebrated annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. It is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society to reflect on the often overlooked contributions of women in United States history. It began as a week but then turned into a month long celebration.

Women are backbones, cheerleaders, counselors, and so much more. We take up so many important roles. I say women should be recognized everyday. Who’s going to love you, look out for you, and lift your spirits like a woman? We’re selfless, empowering, and hardworking. We’ve had a lot of setbacks. We go through the toughest situations in life and come out on top, stronger than ever. We’re a blessing in disguise and men should be grateful to have us in their lives.

Misogynists think that women were put on Earth to serve men. They have these expectations of how women should dress, behave, and present themselves which are gender roles. I believe that these expectations set imaginary limitations on us women. Some men like to claim that they have all the control, but we’re steady taking our power back from them and they hate to see it! They get intimidated if we act with aggression instead of being coddling. Then, we are told to conform, or “act like a lady.”

Sexism is based in unequal and unfair treatment because of one’s gender. We’re all capable of getting the same job done! Not every woman wants to clean and cook, and let men have all the fun. Some of us like to get down and dirty too. We have women that are dominating in sports, arts, and sciences. They deserve to be celebrated.

Something’s got to give. We have to break the stereotype of a women’s role. We’re more than just looks. Guys need to start appreciating women more. Not only is March about us, everyday is about us. Gender shouldn’t be a factor in whether a person can be a great leader. Fellas, please start celebrating the women in your life year round. Ladies, let’s enjoy our Women’s History Month!

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