They say that patience is a virtue or good things come to those that wait.  However,  at Southern University, the patience a student has to have when waiting to receive their refund, not even the biblical character Job could be so understanding. After sending in all information on time to the Financial Aid Office, in a time frame where processing should go through properly, a student’s refund should not still be pending, especially as we are closing in on the Thanksgiving holiday. 

In situations where a person is an out of state student, living hundreds of miles away from home and not having any money is depressing. Not being able to buy certain things, or go places with friends because you have no money, isn’t fun. Your pride won’t allow you to continue to ask your peers for money, because chances are they don’t have it the money or they only have enough to take care of themselves. 

Going to the Financial Aid Office can be a hassle in itself. The attitudes and the plethora of unanswered questions by the workers when asked the time frame in which you’ll receive your refund makes it even more frustrating. When your questions can’t be answered, you’re continuously given the runaround as to who to talk to about your problem. All while you’re going without your money for more days. 

When will it come to a point where the financial aid process changes to a more up to date time period, where students won’t have to turn in paperwork, but everything is done on the computers? It garners for a quicker processing and students won’t have to play 50 questions with the people who don’t have the answers that they’re looking for, because the people over the financial aid process aren’t even following their own deadlines, guidelines, or headlines. 

Money isn’t everything, but it’s everything to students who don’t have it because the higher ups are being lazy and unorganized in doing their jobs properly and students suffer because of it. It’s really insulting to know that as a student to be able to open a door at any building on campus it is paid for out of my tuition immediately with no time wasted, but to be able to receive a refund where it is given out in an amicable amount of time and students have to wait decades.   So as Tom Cruise said in his infamous scene in Jerry MaGuire “ SHOW ME THE MONEY!” 


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