This past Saturday, The Human Jukebox forfeited a trip to Pine Bluff, Arkansas with the football team to head to the polls and cast their early votes. 

Precursored by an early morning visit from U.S. Representative Maxine Waters, members of the band spent their Saturday morning packing buses that would take them to the polls to vote. 

Though I am both inspired and impressed by this, the “why” of it is lingering in my mind. One thing that is true about members of the Jaguar Nation, is that nothing is done in unison without intent. So, who on the ballot has made premature promises to our University and its constituents? Who was able to get hundreds of students out of bed on an early Saturday morning, and just how did they do it?

My guess? Cleo Fields. 

There are numerous groups, and individual students, on campus -- or tied to the University --  that I have seen supporting Fields in some way; whether it’s by sporting campaign paraphernalia or hitting the streets to campaign. Which, in essence, is totally acceptable if you’re a supporter of Cleo Fields. 

Now, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Southern University does not have a stellar background when it comes to dealings with money. More obviously,  we have not built a foundation strong enough to prevent third parties from entering our community with their dirty financial records. If we did, WBRZ wouldn’t have  new ammunition to publish wild stories every 4-6 weeks.

All things considered, wouldn’t it make sense to extensively research all parties we decide to endorse as a University? Totally a rhetorical question, because obviously yes. 

In 2008, Cleo Fields took a forced break from politics, only to return here to Baton Rouge years later and seek our support in his run for Louisiana State Senate. Undoubtedly a smart move, but I just have one question, Cleo: Will you be asking The Human Jukebox or our University  for  $25,000 wrapped in a rubber band anytime soon? ‘Cause we don’t have it. 

As an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal case against former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, is Fields to be trusted? Moreover, is he to be affiliated with The Human Jukebox considering the recent monetary allegations against former Director of Bands Nathan Haymer? I think not, but good ‘ole Southern loves to cash checks that haven’t even been written. 

Regardless of what Fields has potentially promised supported in the Jaguar Nation, we have to protect the legacy of the University. It is up to us to vet the people we back as a unit, because if we don’t, WBRZ is going to continue having a field day blasting us on air. 


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