Democratic candidates are dropping like flies from the Presidential race. Are the remaining candidates genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of Black people or are they using us to secure the Black vote? I think the world has finally realized that the Black opinion matters. We have a big impact on anything when we come together, and the political implications of that collective strength is enormous.

Candidates have tried so hard to fit in and relate to Black people that they have nearly disregarded their policies regarding the general public. Their main priority has been things that can potentially relate to Blacks and secure their vote. For instance, let’s take a look at former candidate Kamala Harris. Yes, she may be Black, but all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk. This woman used her HBCU alumni status to form relationships with the Black youth, but her entire career as a prosecutor revolved around her throwing Black men in jail. Her former career and current policies do not align. She was one of the most hardcore proscecutors in the state of California yet she’s for prison reformation? Her Public Relations team underestimated Black people and our intelligence, and it showed. Harris began to overplay the “I am a Black woman’’ role. Next thing you know, she has her hot sauce in her bag and is eating pork chops as if that is all that matters to us.

Then, we look at Andrew Yang, the man who attempted to buy our votes publicly. I think that these candidates definitely oversold themselves this time around. They look desperate if you ask me. As we get closer and closer to elections, we realize that Black people really decide everything. Joe Biden has been in The Shade Room twice in one week. Biden uses his history as Vice President to the first Black president to try and connect with Black people when, in all honesty, we see right through it.

The Black vote is so important to these candidates this season because people have realized the impact that we have on the culture and society as a whole. Michael Bloomberg just dropped out of the Presidential race to support the “best” candidate, who in his eyes is Joe Biden. People were ecstatic that he dropped because they were absolutely tired of seeing his commercials regarding Black people.

As I stated before, I think that the Public Relations specialists and campaign managers over these campaigns underestimate the power and intellect that Black people have. Your history and past actions do not disappear just because you listen to hip hop now and want to legalize marijuana. Black men and women specialize in receipts. Kamala Harris’ prosecutor history came up as soon as she announced her candidacy. Joe Biden’s lie about getting arrested in South Africa while visiting Nelson Mandela was immediately exposed as well. He exaggerated his experiences and his fight for equal rights during the civil rights movement to engage and draw in Black people, but in the end, it backfired.

When Black people come together we can do an amazing thing. If we cancel something, it’s cancelled. If we boycott an artist, their career is over. People aspire to have the attention of Black men and women because we keep topics trending and people relevant, but that is not how you go about winning a Presidential election.

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