To me, it seems as if nobody can keep Southern’s name out of their mouth, or off their Twitter as you can see. Many people decide to throw shade our way because we are such a great institution founded on great principles. Southern does have the best, and I mean THE BEST band in the land. You simply can’t go without the Human Jukebox. Our band makes everyone else’s band look below average… including that band Beyoncé invited to LA as a charity event. With our great band comes our great dancers and cheerleaders that many try to imitate, but NEVER can.

As you know Southern is the only HBCU system in the world. We have 5 different campuses; Southern University at Shreveport, Southern University at New Orleans, Southern University Law Center, Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and our Southern University at Baton Rouge. All of our campuses serve a critical purpose in building the education system for HBCUs everywhere.

Now, with me being from California, I really didn’t know much about an HBCU. But, something drew me towards Southern. When I came here, I wasn’t sure if it was meant for me, but the people here are very welcoming and really are family orientated. Students and staff really make sure that you are being the best that you can be. I’ve met great and inspiring people that I can call my mentors. They push me to do things that I didn’t even know I could do. It’s just a very great atmosphere overall.

Southern University has the greatest HBCU nursing program there is. Many people go to universities for sports and all the extra curricular activities, but many come to the Southern for the nursing and engineering programs.

Imagine after a long tiring class, you’re sitting there hungry and wanting to get away from some school work and relax. Well, as you all know, Southern is right on the Mississippi River’s bluff. It provides a very beautiful and relaxing scenery.

Not to mention, administrators here truly do care about mental health, and physical health when it comes to the students. The campus itself has many resources including the Health Center where they provide you with the medicine if you sick and regular check ups. Right next door is the Counseling Center where students can get FREE therapy.

In addition to this, Greek life, non-Greek organizations and athletics are THRIVING right now at the Baton Rouge campus.

If you thought that was all, you’re wrong. Southern recently opened up a food pantry called “Jaguar Eats.” Here, students can pick up food and other goods all for free. It was established to help provide for students who aren’t always able to get the things they need.

Now, some may say, “Oh, Southern isn’t fun. Or, Southern doesn’t have this and that.” Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but if you got a problem with that you can take your narrow self somewhere else with all that complaining. Southern is here to help you grow and thrive as a scholar. That’s their primary job, and they do it well. I salute most (not all, but MOST) professors for believing in the students. They help us and guide us through these difficult courses. Southern University, I appreciate you.

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