Louisiana has a humid, subtropical climate with long hot, humid summers and short mild winters. Coming from the dry savannah, down in the southern part of Africa, the weather is definitely different here than it is there. African weather down south mainly consists of warm sunny days and cooler nights.  I said that to say, Louisiana’s weather baffles me. You can never tell if it is going to rain up a storm, be extremely hot, freezing cold or better yet, have insensitive air quality. 

For the past week, we saw how it has been freezing, with temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. As someone who is still getting used to the weather, it certainly feels like negative degree weather for me. The downside to this weather is that despite having freezing temperatures in the mornings, it gets undeniably hot during the afternoon. Now this can be very agitating if you decide to layer your clothes because you have to experience walking around campus drenched in sweat. Here in Baton Rouge, to be exact, you need to use your weather forecast app, but that too can be failing sometimes since the weather is always changing. 

Louisiana, being a very swampy area, probably endures extremes as well due to the abrupt change from low to high temperatures which is very off putting. After hearing what other students had to say on campus, it has come to my attention that it has been a difficult task for fellow students to even attempt to go to class, let alone, it was homecoming week and most people decided to stay indoors due to the weather. 

With that being said, it seems like a flu virus has been going around campus and the health center has been giving out free flu shots. This will further lower the chances of getting colds in this weather as well. 

Weather like this, which has you questioning if it is hot or not, makes you most prone to infections and diseases and some might say it is “bae weather” and I disagree to agree keeping in mind that tea bags cost way less than baby diapers. I would say the idea is flattering but it is just food for thought. 

In addition, what I can say about Baton Rouge weather is that it is confusing. As a student, you need to be prepared in case it rains, freezes or decides to get incredibly hot. This is pretty much inconvenient and due to the brutal weather most students resort to skipping class due to sickness like colds and flus. There’s not much to say about how to better the situation but to just get used to it. It is great to have the weather cool down for a while after having been scorching hot when the semester commenced. That too was horrendous because the humidity gets high and that too is uncomfortable. In conclusion, keep warm and go get that flu shot!


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