As humans, our mortality has always been fleeting, and thus it’s always in the back of our minds that at any point in time, our existences can be snuffed out in the blink of an eye. So, whenever something new and exciting pops up that isn’t, the usual brand of war and destruction, we as humans start to get worried jump to the worst outcome possible. The coronavirus is the latest example of the internet seeing something bad and then using the tiny bit of information present to reach an alarming, but false conclusion.

It’s important to make a distinction, the current reaction by the international community and the respective governments involved is warranted, expected, and has been a shining example, as far as the public knows, of international cooperation; considering the amount of recent hostilities. With that being said, however, I think the reaction by the media and the general public has been completely unwarranted for a recently discovered pathogen that could, relatively harmless.

Thus far, there have been 22 countries that have confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus, or 2019-nCov, with a total count of 7,824 as of the time of this writing. The virus originated in bats and is similar to both SARs and MERs. It has been shown to be relatively infectious but it has thus far only killed the elderly or those with an already compromised immune system, with one single exception being a 23 year old in Malaysia.

Fact is, the Novel Coronavirus is just the latest flash disease that springs up every couple years or so. Just like Ebola or Mad Cow Disease, it’s going to either fizzle itself out or be forcibly put out by the hands of scientists and doctors. Medicine, and science in general, has advanced so much in such a short amount of time that it is unrealistic for me to think that humanity wouldn’t be able to create a vaccine or treatment for any non-man made (if it’s man made then we all should be worried because that probably will kill us) sickness or disease .

I ultimately do not think that the Novel Coronavirus is something to worry about. It’s something that poses a threat, but because I am located in the United States, I am extremely unconcerned about it. We all should be more worried about that racist cop killing you or getting hit by a car while walking across the street from Harris to the Union. It’s 2020, no more ruining headspace with stuff that doesn’t concern you.


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