The Notre Dame Cathedral burned down due to a possible short circuit in the building. When this event was in the news, people from all over the world sent money to help with the Cathedral’s repairs. Millions of those dollars came from the United States. Now, I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but why when specific structures outside the United States are destroyed money is instantly sent out without a second thought, but when it comes to situations that are currently in dire need of cash here, particular requirements have to be fulfilled? When it comes to HBCUs having to rely on money from the government to help with repairs or to get books and supplies, the process of getting a grant is rigorous. During the waiting process, people soon get tired of the wait and try to raise money to fix the problems themselves.

From the start, HBCUs, never had the same resources as the non-historical black colleges. In the United States upper class, non-HBCU supporters don’t get it. They don’t understand the complaint and why this is such a big deal. Now, this is nothing new, the United States is always willing to help send out money for countries, but reluctant to help those who are less fortunate in their own country.

This specific event has opened up a bunch of controversy on how the cash should be distributed and spent. Some say it should be used for its original purpose which is to make the repairs on the Cathedral. Others say since the donations are more than enough, most of that money should also be used to help with community and organizations that help provide food, shelter, and clothing to those who cannot afford these necessities.

But, what about the three churches that were set on fire in St. Landry Parish? They are also someone’s church home and just as important as the Notre Dame. Thankfully, they were able to raise some funds, but if they had not, who would have helped? Obviously not the United States.

Once again, this can be brought back to how HBCUs don’t get the same distribution of money as any other college would receive. HBCUs have always been the underdog. But, you have to wonder how much more of an advantage they would have if they had received more funding. Like, at this point do I need to start a GoFundMe to ensure that our roads and buildings can be fixed?

I may get told that I don’t understand how the government works, but I do know that there should be a fair distribution of funds. Just because something may be grand, that doesn’t mean it is more important than the smaller things. If you can give millions to one thing, you can quickly provide that same amount to schools and organizations that can truly benefit from it. What one person may not be considered necessary, can be very important to an entire community. That minor thing can be what helps better someone’s life, so it deserves help and proper funding too.

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