Many of the most influential figures in history have come from various institutions of higher education. Barack Obama, Larry Page, and Neil Armstrong can be examples of such, with alma maters hailing from Princeton to Stanford to University of Southern California. Historically Black Colleges and Universities have gifted us with more beloved trailblazers: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Toni Morrison, Taraji P. Henson, and Langston Hughes are among these names. 

With these great legacies left for the youth to follow, it is truly embarrassing that our leaders have disrupted this. It is even more embarrassing that our leaders rather cover these faults up and silence student disgust, than remedy the cause of these issues. “Admissions scandal: Charged parents try to drag USC into the fray”. “Report: USC Medical School Dean’s Secret ‘Drug-Fueled’ Party Life”. “Jackson State University president resigns following arrest in prostitution sting”. “Another Indictment In Southern University Grades Scandal”. “Long-time UCLA obstetrician charged with sex crimes against students”. “Confederate rally at ‘Ole Miss’ begins with prayer of thanks to plantation owners”. These are not my words, these are the headlines that our universities make. This is what children are setting their dreams on.

The legacies of universities all across America read like the rap sheets of violent offenders and drug lords, yet there is such high expectations put on the students. There is more attention payed to 20-year-olds having sex in a dormitory than university presidents living like Don Corleone on methamphetamine. This is unacceptable. 

Furthermore, this shows the value for student life. Clearly, Howard University’s students are only worthy of living among roaches and mice. Obviously, LSU cared more for their lovely football games than for students getting called “ching-chong” during said games. In fact, on September 3, 2019, “LSU Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Mari Fuentes-Martin told the group of freshmen harassed by Foxworth Vidrine [the student who yelled the racist and xenophobic slurs] that his words were not threatening and were protected by his right to freedom of speech”, according to LSU’s Revielle. 

Though universities are considered to be temples of education and growth, there have been too many instances of our leaders behaving with complete disregard and irreverence to their positions. From lack of administration of proper justice to lack of administration due to them being tied into drugs and sex crimes, this is what our dreams of college have been turned into. 

If this insults you, you are entitled to that feeling. I suggest you direct that anger towards your leader, they could use the vitriol for some motivation to change. 


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