Hello Jags ! The festivities have ended and it’s time to get back to the grind so you can finish the semester strong. I know for a fact that classes were looking a little bleak and empty last week due to all the events taking place during homecoming. Assignments were stashed to the side and forgotten about for a little while. Teachers were bored due to the lack of students in their classrooms. Whether it was the concert, the game (Shoutout to the football team for that last minute touchdown), the comedy show, Lizzo or Kanye singing at Bethany, I’m sure we have made few academic sacrifices to make these events that took place last week. Most of you have worked hard all semester to keep it together and secure a decent grade for midterms so the relaxation and partying was a necessity.

If you know for certain you missed a few assignments here and there during homecoming just do your best to check in with all your professors. It’s better safe than sorry Jags. Most professors here on campus are Southern University alumni; They will understand more than anyone that you wanted to enjoy homecoming. Of course, this isn’t every teacher. There are definitely some professors who are very strict with deadlines and priorities. I’m sure you thought of one of them when you read the last sentence. Even if the teacher is strict, you should still try to communicate with them and be grown about it...they might be willing to hear you out and help you out a little. 

You should also check your email, Moodle, and Live Text to see if any teachers may have extended or set any deadlines for this week instead of last week. Don’t just sit around and wait to see an F pop up later on. If you know you academically checked out last week just be proactive about it and set goals from here on out to shake back and maintain your grade point average.

At the end of the day, don’t forget that college is not cheap and you should be getting your money’s worth. You got a pass last week, but now it’s time to kick it into high gear and get this work done Jags. The fun has now ended and it’s time to hustle to the finish line of the semester.


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