Southern University is known for being one of the top HBCUs in the country, having the baddest band in the land. When football season starts, it is a highlighted event for the student body, as well as Jaguar fans. People from all over come out just to see the Jaguars play. With September 14 being the first home football game of the season, it’s only natural that a party would be thrown to celebrate the start of the season, cause ain’t no PARTY like a JAGUAR PARTY. The SU Athletics Department and Student Government Association decided to throw a block party outside of A.W. Mumford Stadium. The block party was expected to have a big turnout of Jaguar fans and student body. Sadly, that did not happen because not too many people showed up.

The block party was set to start at 2 p.m., but it started later than scheduled. I don’t know about y’all, but for me, it’s too hot for me to sit around and wait. If an event is scheduled to start at a certain time, most people will pass by and if they don’t see anyone out and about they will keep on going.

We know that a Jag knows how to throw a party, so I won’t question that. I just want to know what went wrong this time. After talking to a few people, not many people knew about the party. For future block parties, whoever is promoting it should go through all possible channels to spread the news. Just sending a flyer to students through email or just placing an ad in the newspaper is just the basics. For instance, having the local radio stations mention the event, making posters and hanging them in the Union, as well as encouraging students to post about the event on their social media pages are all means for spreading the word. This way the information is not being told to only a small circle of people. The news would now be spread on a broader scale. To have a successful event, you have to spread the news in any and every way.

Along with spreading the news of the event, the school should look into getting cooling stations for the event. During this time of year, there have been plenty of hot and humid days. Many vendors are serving out food and drinks, but there are not that many places for people to sit down and enjoy themselves. So that the people who attend the block party can be comfortable there should be a sponsored cooling station in place for fans to relax, get snacks.

From having a punctual time, better publication and having a cooling station the next block party would be much better than the first one. However, there is one last aspect that needs to be added, and that is having a cleanup crew. After the last block party when everyone left to go watch the game there was trash just lying around everywhere. For the school it is embarrassing to have that trash being seen, it gives the impression to others that those from Southern University do not care about their campus, and just throwing your trash anywhere is a normal thing. To prevent people from having that perspective about the campus, there should be a cleanup crew assigned to start cleaning up the area once the block party is starting to come to a close. Having an event for others to enjoy themselves is good, but it is still vital that the area is kept in pristine conditions.

Having these block parties for home games is a great idea though various changes need to be made. Southern University, to a lot of people, is held at a high expectation, and it would be a great disappointment it the people behind the scenes fail to uphold those expectations. So for the next home game, more effort should be put into place so no one will be able to say anything bad about the event or the school.


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