Most people are looking at this title and wondering, “What is she about to talk about anime for?” or,“What the hell is that?” That’s exactly my point. The average person probably isn’t interested in watching anime at all, but what they fail to realize is that anime actually is quite interesting. It has many benefits too.

I’ll start off with what anime is. Anime is NOT Chinese cartoons and it isn’t Japanese cartoons either. Anime is a Japanese animated SERIES that is usually based off of manga (which are graphic novels created in the Japanese language). Majority of them have English translations available though.

I’ll go ahead and break this down, the difference between anime and a cartoon is that anime not only has a plot, but it also has character development, a central idea, and a positive message most of the time. There’s even different types of genres which include comedy, romance, adventure, dystopian society, horror, action, and much more.

Anime is not really for kids...other than the obvious Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh. Aside from those, most anime include curse words, sexual references, and sad life stories just like adult television series do. Some might say the story is weird but these shows get hood messy.

The benefits of anime include motivation and positive messages. In addition, anime teaches you things you never knew since there are so many genres about different cultures. Furthermore, these series often help people to see the good in situations instead of dwelling on the bad. Imagine having a HORRIBLE day and you come home upset. I 100% guarantee that if you put on some anime, it won’t even matter 5 minutes later. You will have laughed, or cried and forgotten all about that negativity that was repressed in your heart. So, anime is in fact very beneficial!

To wrap this up, don’t be so close minded! Allow yourself to grow and be open to new things. Become a little more cultured and TRY WATCHING ANIME. If you want to give anime a try, I suggest you start with these: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (on Netflix, Hulu and, Inuyasha (on Netflix and Hulu), FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood (on Netflix). All streaming services have an anime section so you can find your cup of tea and see which kind you like most. STOP sleeping on anime...PERIODT.

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