Southern University hosted “Midnight Madness” on Thursday, August 29 at the recreational center. The event was free and open to all current SU students with a valid ID.

The event turned out to be a huge success attracting several students that packed the gymnasium from wall to wall. Some of the crowd were mainly socializing and watching some of the schools self-proclaimed athletes competing on the hardwood.

Coach Tanner hosted a 5 vs 5 full court basketball tournament, with games to twelve points, that took place between pick-up teams comprised of players who attend the rec on the regular. Spectators witnessed exciting games come down to the wire and emphasized the meaning of “madness.”

The crowd participation created an amazing environment and increased the competitive nature on the court. There was a lot of talented players and competition was at an all-time high through the entirety of the event.

Trash talk between some players made the games even more interesting to onlookers. No matter the outcome, the players showed superb sportsmanship shaking hands with the opposing squad.

A volleyball game was set up on the other side of the gymnasium and featured both male and female participants. Students managed to set up teams and play a few games with all participants showing grit that made the games intense and exciting.

Senior nursing major Adeana Young said this about her experience with Midnight Madness, “I was kind of skeptical to come at first because I haven’t been to the gym in a while,” said Young.

After people began showing up in numbers, the inhabitants of the gym who wanted to participate started forming teams. Young spoke about her experience with the other students playing.

“ They were very friendly and welcomed me to their game. We hit a few balls over the net just to warm up and figure out who would play what position. After a while some more girls joined us and we had enough to start our game. This was my first time in the rec center and I ended up making some new friends. We plan on making a workout group and having routine workout sessions throughout the week. I’m glad I had the courage to come to Midnight Madness. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone but I enjoyed myself overall.”

The workout equipment was still open to those who wanted to get an extra lift in or work on cardio after regulars hours. Not everything was limited to the gym, people were also enjoying themselves outside of the facility. Even in the dark, a group of hungry football players were able to get a game of football started on the patch of grass on the side of the rec. Teams were made up on the spot as many players came out and showcased their talent and ability on the field. This was a great way to start the year off bringing Southernites closer after dark, strengthening relationships.

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