Since the beginning of time, music has played an unbelievably influential part society. Though it may not be recognized, music artists are constantly impacting that society in some way, shape, or form. A shallow artist is an artist who may not realize how great an impact they have, a mainstream ideal, and whose impact to society is more detrimental rather than beneficial. A deep artist is someone who speaks with a message, with intentions of opening the minds and eyes of their listeners.

A shallow artist of this generation would be someone like Kanye West. What really makes him one of the most shallow artists is the way he has carried himself as a black man, and by the way he has voiced his opinion on some controversial issues. The biggest and most memorable event involving Kanye was when he spoke on TMZ Live, claiming that he thinks slavery was an act of choice. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but just by him blatantly speaking without factual information behind his opinion with decades of information behind this topic, it was shallow for him to not choose his words wiser and with supportive arguments. As representing a black man in today’s society, his actions impacted the black community and more so his image.

Another artist who would fall into this category would be 6ix9ine. Though he has had a lot of popular hit songs, his persona and message he sends to his audience is less than impressive. His music communicates an unhealthy state of mind, seeing himself above others, including the law. While his music may not have first be accepted by the masses, many of his listeners mimic traits of his personality, which overall damages the minds of any fans.

Contrasting, recently deceased Mac Miller was a deep artist. Again, people will have their opinion about any artist, but from the many rappers, Mac Miller was an artist who preached about a lifestyle he lived. The way he portrayed his music was always through a bigger message, not by what he thought would bring him top hits and nominations. Positivity and prosperity was something a listener could take away from from his music.

Another artist who would fall into this deeper category would be Drake, from peers, some consider him to be a soft rapper, an artist who spends more time in his feelings than in the studio. But to others, Drake is highly slept on. He is considered a deep artist because one aspect that Drake has that many other artists in the industry don’t have is versatility, and having versatility and depth in his music puts him into a category of greatness and a maker of meaningful music.

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