The SGA: What They Do and What To Expect

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The Student Government Association (SGA) has been a part of Southern University since the university’s inception in 1880 and serves as representation for the student body to the administration.

SGA is responsible for many aspects of student life on Southern’s campus. This includes, but is not limited to, planning events, raising money for said events, and to represent the student body when decisions affecting students are made by the governing figures at Southern.

Upperclassmen (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) hold their elections during the latter part of the spring semester. It is at this time that the SGA President and Miss Southern, among other elected positions, are named.

Freshman elections are different in this regard, as they are not yet students when spring elections take place in April. Taking this into consideration, freshman elections have traditionally been held during the fall semester, more specifically towards Homecoming.

Each class has its own set of elected officials who represent that particular class’ ideals and vision for what the university should be. According to Alexis Evans, however, it is more about the student body as a whole rather than any individual class.

“I have the voice, and so does my Chief Justice, to make any changes to the constitution or election code that we feel would better support the student body and the Student Government Association.” said Evans, Sophomore Class Justice and Nursing major from Frisco, Texas.

Similarly, Evans was also able to detail the duties of the Student Government Association within the Scotlandville community as well.

“We contribute a lot of our time at elementary schools and homeless shelters [around the Baton Rouge area],” said Evans in regards to the SGA presence around the community of its university.

The Southern University SGA conducts Senate meetings multiple times throughout the semester, and it is in these meetings where finances are decided upon and events for the student body is planned out.

Southern’s Senate meetings are always open to the student body to sit in on and voice their opinions on things that happen on campus. Devin Raby, a sophomore civil engineering major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has taken note of said fact.

“As far as events, they plan the budget out and conduct how everything will happen,” Raby disclosed.

Another member of the freshman class of 2021, Joshua Williams, shares the sentiment of what the SGA is responsible for and what they actually do on campus.

“They help bring students together by planning activities around the school and actually making those things happen [once they are planned],” said Williams, a sophomore therapeutic recreations major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

With freshman election season underway for the current class of freshmen however, there are several new faces that will soon join the Student Government Association in representation of the freshman class of 2022.

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