What a joy to have the alumni come back and give advice to Mass Communications students during home-coming week. The advice and strategies they shared were very informative. From my perspective as a student and future Mass Communications graduate of The Southern University A & M College of Baton Rouge, La this was a great opportunity.

Booker T. Washington held a philosophy that self-help within the black race was essential. He supported the idea of black people focusing on elevating themselves through working hard and making themselves a necessity. This would be accomplished by becoming the very best in their skills and in what their skills could achieve. This philosophy is addressed in Washington’s book “Up From Slavery”. I recently read this story in my African American Literature class. It describes the racial rising of a people. As a fifty plus year old student, this is what I was Blessed to see on the Career in Entertainment Panel last Thursday, October 31, 2019.  I was so honored by the expertise, advice, and the relatability that was shared with me and my fellow students. Panelist presented transparent information about what was and is required to succeed. It was also interesting to hear several of our guests share their experiences about working on the SU Digest during their beginning years.  I walked away even more inspired as a Mass Communications student after attending the Colloquium. 

As I mentioned this time last year, I am a returning student after nearly 30 years. My major was music at the time and music is and will always be my passion. However, after submitting my article to SU Digest “Returning To SU” in October of 2018, I changed my major to Mass Comm with concentrations in journalism and entertainment. I have discovered the passion I’ve always had for writing and sharing stories. This was a passion I had never focused on or paid a lot of attention to, it just came naturally to me. I journal every day and I have loved taking pictures since I was in the sixth grade with my very first camera, the Polaroid OneStep. 

Writing the article for the Digest last year, inspired me to explore the passion I have for journaling and writing more. I am excited to share my story of God blessing and healing me. My book is currently being published, and I’m excited to share the story of how God restored me from a stroke.  You see it’s all about being inspired and inspiring someone else. The Careers in Entertainment Panelists shared their stories, and as a result inspired many of us. I’m grateful we have SU Digest. It’s a tool that gives students, such as myself, a voice which also allowed me to see more of what’s in me as I write. Writing is not just writing, there is purpose and destiny behind it. You never know whose life your words can impact in a positive way. Your words could be the key unlocking the door to someone else discovering something creative and great inside of them.  Your writing can affect many others in a significant way.  I pray this article will inspire those who read it, and those inspired will be an inspiration to someone else. LET’S GO SU!!

A person's words can be a source of wisdom, deep as the ocean, fresh as a flowing stream. Proverbs 18:4 (Good news translation)

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