Hustle & Motivate: OSM votes Coach Jackson “Coach of the Year”


Southern University’s Head Baseball Coach Kerrick Jackson has come into this 2018-2019 baseball season with positivity and grit that he says has lead his young team to a blistering winning season. After leading Southern’s baseball team to a 15-5 record in the SWAC, and 24-19 record overall, Kerrick Jackson has been named the OSM Coach of the Year.

Given how last season ended for the Jags, only winning 9 games, Coach Jackson came into this season with the clear expectation “to be great” and to “play the game the right way.”

“Baseball is a game of discipline, and we wanted to make sure [that] we took the ability we have physically and match that with our level of discipline and mental focus,” said Coach Jackson on what he believed the recipe for success for this team would be when he first took over as coach. He felt that this would allow them to be consistently successful, and as this season has proven, it has.

Upon finding out that the OSM voted him Coach of the Year, Jackson admitted initial shock to the announcement, before noting what the honor means for the baseball program as a whole going forward.

“I don’t know if I’m worthy, but I appreciate the honor,” said Jackson. He continued on to comment on what the honor means to the program as a whole. “Anytime we can bring some positive news to our program and shed positive light, I think it’s a good thing.”

Despite the previous season’s win total, Coach Jackson was still in good spirits about his team. Out of the 33 loses, 15 of them were loses of two runs or less. According to Jackson, he felt that they were still competitive, but just “didn’t have enough bullets in our gun.” Although he believed that his team would improve, he admitted that he wouldn’t have thought it would’ve been as good as it’s been in year two.

With all the success the Jaguars are having, it has garnered them a lot of love over the past week. Black College Nines, an HBCU top ten poll, voted Southern University’s baseball team number one in their latest rankings.

“Anytime you can get any positive accolades it’s always a good thing,” says Coach Jackson on the honor. He emphasized however the importance of staying in the moment as the latter parts of the season progressed.

Southern University also got some respect on a national level from the National Baseball Writers Association (NBWA) which voted the Jags just outside of the top 30. Coach Jackson felt that its good for the program and helps the team’s message when recruiting talent saying that “these are the things that we want to get accomplished, getting this type of recognition validates that it’s not just us saying it, other people are saying it too.”

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