Calling  the  SU  Nation: #southern_rys19 at Pretty Wednesday

Courtesy/ SU Media Relations

The Southern University Alumni Federation is hosting a voting session this “Pretty Wednesday,” April 10, for the Home Depot’s “Retool Your School” Challenge. At the time of writing, Southern University sits at 4th place directly behind Jackson State. The problem, however, is that Southern is about 65,000 votes behind Jackson State, but Director of Alumni Affairs and Executive Director of the Southern University Alumni Federation, Derrick Warren, is hoping to bridge this gap by encouraging more students to participate and vote, “We are in fourth place now. We need an exponential effort to beat Jackson State.”

Towards this end, the Alumni Federation is doing a raffle giveaway to “encourage” students to get out and vote. Each student who votes ten times and shows one of the Student Ambassadors will receive a raffle ticket that will then be entered into a drawing for one of several $50 Visa gift cards. There is, however, no upper limit to how many times a student can vote or how many raffle tickets a student can enter; meaning, a student can vote 100 times, show a student ambassador, and receive 10 raffle tickets.

All this effort is so that Southern University can one of the nine schools who receive a $50,000 grant, courtsey of Home Depot. Derrick Warren is calling every member of the Jaguar Nation to get out and vote, “Ideally, I would love if 5,000 alums and students would commit to voting 50 times a day up through April 15.”

Voting can be done one of two ways: directly on the Home Depot’s “Retool Your School” website ( and voting for Southern University or by using the hashtag #southernu_rys19 on either Twitter or Instagram. Retweeting any tweets on Twitter with the hashtag also counts as voting. Voting is also unlimited, so make sure to get out and vote everyday, as many times a day, so that Southern University can win.

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