Due to an unexpected fire on the second floor of the Southern University School of Nursing (SUSON) building in the early morning of September 14, classes were canceled last week. No faculty or students were injured and it has since been no more than an unfortunate occurrence.

The reasons for the fire breakout are still unknown and have not been announced but students speculate any number of causes from outright arson to a simple electrical fire.  Andrea Parker, a Sophomore nursing major, briefly gave her side of what she thinks could have happened. “I believe that the fire happened by accident, probably due to the wiring or some other issue with the building since a lot of our campus buildings are old. This incident wasn’t a setback for me personally, but was one for other students and the school.”

Classes have been getting completed online at this time as the repairs are currently made and the damage is accessed with classes, as aforementioned, being set to resume on Monday. Due to the on-going repairs, approximately half to a third of the building is going to remain closed and any class areas impacted by the fire are going to be temporarily or permanently relocated.

Prior to September 23, when SU officials announced classes were to resume, the only entrance into the building was the front doors leading to the lobby areas for the time being as the safety of students and faculty was priority number one. 

All things considered, the fire could have been much worse. Judging by the lack of exterior damage and the presence of windows in adjacent classrooms, the fire seems to have been isolated to a few classrooms and the hallway at most. Senior nursing major, Eboney Scottland, explains how she’s happy it wasn’t worse. “Of course, being out of class this week wasn’t my plan at all being that the school year just started, but it could have been much worse so hopefully classes will resume really soon.”

Dr. Sandra Brown, Dean of of the School of Nursing, is working hard to ensure classes will be able to continue as normal and vows that “The School of Nursing will prevail and we will be stronger.”

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