Feature: Two-time SWAC Equipment Manager of the Year, Derek Price

Courtesy: Gojagsports.com

The Athletics Department at Southern University has many staffers that contribute to the development of the program itself, including one Derek Price.

Price is the equipment manager for Southern Athletics, and is the man behind new uniform designs and budgeting that equipment for all of the sports teams on campus.

Approaching almost four decades as SU’s equipment manager, there has been no shortage on honors that Price has received throughout his career. Winning back to back SWAC Equipment Manager of the Year awards from 2009-2010, Price has proven time and time again how efficient and effective he is in his position.

Being on the job for so many years, Price lamented on how the years have made his job easier due to versatility in the market of uniform and equipment brands, especially considering throwback uniforms. There are more options now than ever for team uniforms.

“It is a lot easier to pick equipment now because you have so many options. In my earlier years doing equipment, you only had two or three options to pick from.” said Price.

Back when Price first took the position, there were only a handful of choices for uniforms, and so, finding a great design that was unique to your schools team provided Price with an initial challenge.

Price also spoke about his love for the Jags and the pride he gets from seeing the team’s look their best come game day.

“The best part of my job is seeing the joy of the athletes, coaches, and fans when the Jaguars take the field looking like a million dollars. Also, with being a former player and a alum of Southern University, I take pride in having the best and looking the best,” said Price on what he appreciates most about his job.

One of most recent examples of Price’s good eye for style for his players are the new baseball uniforms worn by the Jags this season.

According to Price, he wanted to make sure that the student athletes were involved in the uniform process, as well Head Coach Kerrick Jackson himself.

“After taking that information, the goal was coming up with something that would not only be eye catching, but it would also say Southern University as soon as you see it.” said Price.

Despite working at Southern for so many years, Price continues to love his job and strive to keep the Jags at number one in all areas of the game, fashion included.

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